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Dai Viet Intellect Company, founded in 1993, has over 20 years of experience in importing water-supply goods and machinaries from various well-known brand. The Company has been the go-to supplier for many companies and projects, namely Daewoo Hotel, Sheraton, Nikko, Melia Hanoi, Keangnam Landmarks 72...

- DVI is also the founder and owner of Legend Beer - a go-to brewer to all German Beer enthusiasts.

-The Legend is a high-class apartment building that marks the next milestone for Dai Viet Intellect on setting foot in the real-estate market. The company pays great attention to details in designing and buidling The Legend. Only the best and most qualified products are chosen for the project, creating a next-level living standard for its residents.

- Attention to every design details, picking out the best-suit materials, we guarantee the highest level of management and security quality of The Legend. These values, when combined together have made the apartment building truly a place worth living.

The Legend 109 Nguyen Tuan
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