Please be informed about the change of THE LEGEND project logo

Dear Customer,
The Investor of The Legend project - Dai Viet Tri Tue Joint Stock Company would like to thank customers for their interest and accompanying the project over the past time.

In order to better prepare for the next steps and in accordance with the development strategy in the coming period, the Investor would like to announce the change of The Legend's logo from 10/05/2018.

Inspiring the idea for The Legend's new logo is the closed and familiar feelings from home of each person. Designing the apartments at The Legend with large glass windows is outstanding advantage, ensuring wind and natural light to every corner in the apartment. Logo image carries the symbol of meaning for the endless source of life, young, full of hope. On the left of the logo is the image of a blooming tree representing life and nature, also symbolizing the green life that The Legend is aiming for. On the right of the logo is the image of sky and earth, the moon and star which is the symbol of longevity, along with the image of a small bird signing the song for love, youth and full of hope which is matched with the slogan of project - Where life creates beauty!

Once again, thank you very much and look forward to receiving the support from customers in the near future!
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