The Legend Condominiums focuses on investment in fire protection

In recent times, the real estate market has recorded a change in how customers find out about project information. Factors to ensure safety, fire protection systems and equipment ... are focused by customers instead of just asking for prices or facilities.
Understanding customer psychology, The Legend - 109 Nguyen Tuan project focuses on the design, selection of materials and construction organization that based on the specific characteristics of the project to meet fire safety standards for residents.

Representatives of Dai Viet Tri Tue Joint Stock Company - Project Investor of The Legend said that the issue of fire protection has always been highly appreciated right from the design and construction of the project. Each typical floor has 10 elevators and 4 emergency ladders (using steel core doors), ensuring a wide and safe way for residents to move. All apartments have 2-4 free sides, large balconies which help escape and rescue activities more convenient. In addition, the corridors of the building have openings for wind and gas, and a safe escape exit when occurring incidents.

Project of installing automatic fire alarm system of Simplex - the leading prestige brand in the field of manufacturing fire protection equipment, meeting the most rigorous standards of Europe UL and FM Approved, NFPA standards, and other Vietnamese standards. The system is capable of automatically detecting fire rapidly and accurate information of the place of fire, interconnecting with indicator lights, alarms, elevators, ventilation system and stairway for emergency escape supporting for evacuation and salvage in the safest in the shortest time.

Inside each apartment is equipped with 2 automatic Sprinkler nozzles (at entrance doors and kitchen area), 70 minutes fireproof wooden door system. On the outside of the project, it is arranged fire hydrants according to design standards, on the other hand, the project is only 50m away from the city's fire hydrant. A plus point is that the project is adjacent to all three sides of Nguyen Tuan Street, Nguy Nhu Kom Tum Street and Lane 80 Nguy Nhu Kom Tum - connected major roads such as Khuat Duy Tien, Le Van Luong and Nguyen Trai with distance only about 200m to 500m away, therefore, it is very convenient for fire fighting and rescue.

Pump station system and fire pipe

The basement area is particularly concerned by the Investor because it is an potential place for fire and explosion, with all locations in the basement being installed with automatic sprinkler nozzles, wall fire fighting system and powder and CO2 mobile fire extinguisher. The emergency exit and exit corridor are separated from the parking area for cars and motorbikes by the fire and smoke prevention water membrane system. Power system is preferred, automatically switched to stand-by generator source when power is off.

Therefore, the fire protection system always ensures 24 / 24h continuous operation. Building management monitoring system BMS and Access Control also plays a huge role in the general facilities of a condominium, clearly showing that the building is safe level operation, ensuring that residents have the most safe and comfortable life.

In addition to the above factors, The Investor of The Legend - 109 Nguyen Tuan project also focuses on the selection of the Contractors - Sigma Engineering is the leading prestigious contractor in the field of electromechanics, with sufficient capacity as well as related legality in the organization of construction of the fire protection system, together with experienced management supervision team (CONINCO - PMI), all systems are thoroughly tested and experienced many times of trial run and commitment to be appraised and approved by the competent authorities before handing over to the customer.

The pictures of fire safety safety training for engineers and technicians
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