The opening ceremony of the project sales office attracted hundreds of customers to attend

Last Sunday (June 3, 2018) at the 1st floor of The Legend building - 109 Nguyen Tuan is a really meaningful time for both the Project Investor and customers
The opening ceremony started at 9am with the participation of hundreds of customers who are interested in reviewing and visiting the new model show flats. The bustling, crowded atmosphere also lasted until 7, 8 pm when there are still customers coming to queue up to place a deposit at the Sales Department.

Besides the adult area, the children's playground was always filled up with laughter and warmth. Children participated in many interesting games such as fishing, painting statues, turning balls with clowns ... while parents are consulted by consultants and visiting show flats. Many customers signed up for deposit to have the opportunity to become future residents at The Legend project!

Some pictures of the opening ceremony of The Legend sales office 109 Nguyen Tuan:

Sign up to visit the sales room and show flats:
1st floor, The Legend building, 109 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan, HN
Hotline: 094 8866 109 - 088 884 5050.
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